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Getting it Together

December 4th, 2012 at 08:27 pm

Some good news!

Remember the car accident we were in? Well, the other party's insurance (State Farm) has admitted 100% liability. This means we will be getting reimbursed for the purchased of our child's car seat ($166) and the damages to our vehicle will be repaired. I asked my claims representative if they could just send me a check for the quoted costs of repairs, and they said they would. If I remember correctly, that was around $580.

The car does not need repairs. It is all cosmetic. And seeing as how our Savings is in more dire shape than our vehicle, I figure we could just put it in there. Smile

In other news, we are trying to get our gardening situation put together. We have leaves and containers for compost; just need to figure out how exactly to do it.

Thanks for reading!