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Let the Plasma Flow...

October 13th, 2011 at 05:48 am

Today was a very long day. While my mother in-law stayed with the little one, the wife and I spent the day donating plasma.

Plasma is a great way to bring in extra cash. You can donate plasma twice in a seven day period, at $25 per donation. That ends up being $200/mo if you do it on a regular basis. Not a bad income for a few hours of your time each week, right?

Today was our first time going in, so we expected to spend three hours there, like they say you should. Typical visits after that take an hour to two hours. You sit, you wait for your name to be called, then you sit in a reclined chair hooked up to a machine for about 45 minutes while your blood is drawn, plasma extracted, and blood returned. For me, they take 1 liter of plasma. It is based on your weight. This is for a typical day. Today, however...

We were there from 12:30p to 5:40p. During the plasma extraction process, my wife had to have a bottle of water and crackers. Typically, no food or drink is allowed in the plasma center. However, since the last thing we'd eaten was breakfast, we were probably a bit underprepared for the process. No thanks to the extensive waiting time, no doubt.

After the whole thing was over and we were home and getting ready to eat, I was feeling short of breath after just walking up the stairs or picking up our eight month-old. I checked my heart rate when I was feeling short of breath, and when I was "at rest." Active heart rate was 136 bpm, while resting was 92. Not good!

Not sure if we will go back. It may be better the second time, as the waiting period will be shorter, so we won't have to sit there without any food for so long.

On a lighter note, yesterday I saw a pair of Dr. Martens shoes at a local secondhand clothing boutique. They were only $16 and not very worn. And, since I do not have any winter shoes, I am pondering the purchase. However, this is absolutely no time to be buying things like clothing and shoes. Urgh!

4 Responses to “Let the Plasma Flow...”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Hmm, tough call. That would be a bit disturbing, not being able to function at the normal level. And 5 hours for $25 is certainly no bargain. But I guess if it took less time, it might be worth it, just until you have more steady income.

  2. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Here you don't get paid to give blood.

    But good on you for giving it just the same. Check with your doctor about you blood pressure reading.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Sorry to hear that it wasn't a good experience. I know my body would not handle it too well. So I commend you for trying.

    Also, those shoes seem like a pretty good deal. Doc Martins wear well and could be worn everyday all winter if needed. Sure you could go to Payless shoes, but you wouldn't get the quality. I'd go for it.

  4. Frgal Says:

    @ceejay74 True. Maybe we won't donate every possible time, but we could still try as often as we could.

    @Tightwad Kitty It is plasma. Not blood. Plasma is the proteins/other nutrients and water mixture inside the blood. The process of giving plasma is longer, more intensive on the body, and more precise than giving blood. It is a federal regulation that anyone who donates plasma is compensated. Smile

    @creditcardfree My other Doc Martens (they are canvas loafers) were had for $15 at Ross (a local yesteryear styles retailer), where I've also gotten $72 Paper Denim & Cloth shorts for $15. We also have one of the few Macy's Clearance stores (also a yesteryear styles store), where I have purchased a $50 Alfani mock turtle-neck for $13, a $40 Calvin Clein shirt for $10, etc. Everything is 75% off there. Also, my wife got Joe's denim jeans for $45, as compared to $190 brand new. And she has to wear expensive jeans, because she does retail sales for the department at said retail store in that department.

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