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Interview Coming Up w/ Farmers

January 9th, 2012 at 10:03 am

I received a voice mail this evening from Farmers Insurance Group wanting to interview me for a position I applied at there. They're the only employer that has called me back, so I guess I'd be stupid not to go! Ha!

Question is... If I did get the job, would I really want it? Answer to that is, "Doesn't matter - you need it!" I have heard that insurance sales persons can either make super great salary, or super poor salary. I've read (on that you have to dedicate all of your time to be successful.

Anyone know someone in the biz or anything?

Still waiting to hear from my wife's uncle about the job in Seattle. He does not know yet.

4 Responses to “Interview Coming Up w/ Farmers”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    As a salesperson, I expect that they will want you to commit 60 plus hours a week to drumming up clients. Over time you'll spend less time because you'll be making a commission on those clients that stay with you.

  2. EarlyRetirementJoy Says:

    Hi! I'm recently retired after 15 years in the auto and homeowners insurance industry, primarily in marketing and sales.

    Will they be feeding you the leads, or will you be responsible for generating them on your own? If the former, and you have the right sales approach (upbeat, positive, good at listening and identifying needs, focusing on benefits not features, etc.), you should be able to do very well over time, possibly even moving out to start your own agency at some point if you are so motivated. Because of the power of the renewal commission, most new agents work their tails off in the beginning to build their book of business, but smile all the way to the bank after that.

    IMHO, insurance is very interesting product to sell because most people, while understanding they need it, don't really understand the product itself. They generally know they need an expert (you!) to help them figure out what they need. How many products can you say that about!

  3. laura Says:

    You will need to be licensed to sell. See what fees they cover. Be realistic on your time to study and pass and the test.

    Is this inside or outside sales?

    Good luck with the interview.

  4. Frgal Says:

    By reading reviews on, there is very low employee happiness with Farmers. A few of them tell about how Farmers does not help their agents with leads and other things.

    Sounds stressful!

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