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AT&T may want $450

March 5th, 2012 at 01:27 am

We are going to check tonight, but here is the deal...

We want out of our iPhone contracts. Wife's is up this July. Mine is up November of 2013. Do not want to wait that long. Their Early Termination Fee for smartphone users is $325, less $10 for each month into the contract you are...

What if they do try to get us to do this? We do have that much in savings. But sheesh! Ugh! I would rather just tell them to shove it, but the prepaid phone plans we want are AT&T. >.

7 Responses to “AT&T may want $450”

  1. twest Says:

    It won't hurt to ask them to waive the fees especially if you have been with them as customers for a while. This happened to me and my husband. We decided to switch companies and it was at the end of our contract. We thought we had passed the contract and hadn't. They were going to charge us $150 I believe but said they would waive the fee since we had been with them for so long and they would like to see us come back in the future. Good Luck with it!

  2. Frgal Says:

    Been with them since 2009, and are going to get AT&T GoPhones anyways. So maybe they will waive it since they will be keeping our business anyways.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    They will likely have you pay to get out of the contract. You could wait until your wife's ends, to limit the fees.

    Otherwise, you need to make sure that you aren't paying more per month when you include the cancellation fees into the new plan. If you are paying more or equal with the cancellation fees tacked into the equation, you need to stay with your current plan.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Oh...and can you sell your iPhones once you have replacement phones? That could offset the cancellation fees, too.

  5. Frgal Says:

    Welp. They wouldn't even do it in-store. How ridiculous...

    Okay. Just did the math for real. Cancellation fees should be $320 for both lines.

    Let's see if we could make that up in savings...

    Four months left on the wife's contract. 320 / 4 = $80 per month that we would have to save.

    Current monthly is $135. Projected monthly is $50. 135 - 50 = $85 savings in one month.

    As for mine. Well... Mine isn't over for another 1 3/4 years. So, let's not even look at that. So it looks like canceling now would make up the difference, eh? Will try to call customer service tomorrow. >.<

    Oh, and yes, we are selling the iPhones. My wife's three year old iPhone 3GS sold for $150 already. Just have to ship it. And my phone is about to sell for $520. Guy coming tomorrow to see it. Smile

  6. snafu Says:

    I've now got to the point where I write out the contract requirements in my own words so that I truly understand what it means and the consequences. They count on us to sign without understanding the details which can be expensive if we need to make changes.

  7. Frgal Says:

    Technically, snafu, we could get out of the contract agreements without paying. There is a thing where if they change the contract in any way, it voids it. This can be any number of things... Changing rates, for example.

    Or... Have you heard of the recent throttling of the highest 5% of data users? I could say that it voids the contract, and go through all the hoops, but that would take a LOOOOONG time.

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