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Allstate - We've Got Our Hands in Your Pocket

March 9th, 2012 at 09:26 pm

Recently, we moved from Idaho to Washington. We expected rates to go up a little bit. However, instead, they went up from $105/mo to $166/mo. Interesting...

So I have been in contact with our new agent, and she has been unwavering in the rate.

Yesterday, we got a bill from Allstate for $326.01. What?! I emailed to ask what the hike was for, and mentioned that we would cancel if we thought it was necessary. Her reply?

[quote]I understand you are dissatisfied with the current auto rate in Washington. If you wish to cancel the policy, please notify the effective date of this cancellation.[/quote]

Seriously? No explanation for the $326.01 bill. Nada. Our paper bill does not state why. Nor does our online one. I emailed her back, requesting that the policy be canceled immediately, and that we would like a quote for keeping us insured as drivers sans a vehicle.

Oh, the insurance business... So glad I did not get involved in it when I had the chance!

So it appears as though we may be going without a vehicle before even selling it. Ha! I also have some quotes going through with State Farm and PEMCO. We shall see how those come out.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Is the bill for just one month or quarterly? Very odd. Is it because the agent is in your previous state?

    Try Geico and Prudential...they do a lot online quotes. I don't necessarily endorse them, since I don't have experience, but I figure you should look around.

  2. Frgal Says:

    We have been looking around. Got two others emailing me for more personal quotes.

    The $166 was per month. The six-month premium was $996. Then they send me this crazy bill, so I've got no idea.

    The agent is here.

  3. Swimgirl Says:

    Insurance seems REALLY high. We pay about $135 per month for two cars (one very expensive) and four drivers (two teens). We have Geico, and have had them for years with no problems.

    Oh, I forgot we have a high deductible, but the savings over even just a few years made it worth it to make it high. I think you can just call them and get a quote. They have been really easy to deal with.

  4. Frgal Says:

    We have state minimum and highest deductibles on everything (financed vehicle).

    However, I have two speeding tickets on my record from before my adult responsibility kicked in. Frown

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    That sounds very odd to me. I have Allstate. I have a brand new vehicle, financed, full coverage and a minimally covered 20 year old car, fully owned. Two drivers for $86 a month. Although we have no accidents or tickets and are 42, I still don't see where they'd charge $326.01. Find another Allstate agent. The $166 seems in line with your ages and driving record and the city you live in. The other does not unless it is a bill for two months.

  6. Frgal Says:

    I just got a quote with Geico online. Quoted at $90.86 for state minimums, $1,000 deductible, declined coverage on medical, and with roadside assistance.

    It has the option of purchasing it immediately online, so it must be an accurate quote... Going to make sure Allstate is canceled, then switch over.

    Have been wondering if we should ever switch the car yet, though, as we are almost ready to put it on the market.

  7. Swimgirl Says:

    You should switch! Even if it's only for a few weeks, you'll save money.

  8. Frgal Says:

    Or we could just cancel the insurance altogether and only insure ourselves. Wink

  9. creditcardfree Says:

    I would switch first and then cancel. Generally, you don't want to be without insurance before obtaining new insurance, although I realize you probably just wouldn't drive in the meantime.

    It would also be a good idea to have insurance on a financed vehicle that I was going to be selling and showing others who will drive it while they are considering your vehicle.

  10. Frgal Says:

    True. I want to make sure that this Geico quote is accurate before giving them any billing information. So, I will wait until Monday before deciding what to do.

    Also, as long as we carry insurance on ourselves, there should be no penalties for not having an insured vehicle.

  11. Frgal Says:

    Get this, all! The new Allstate agent actually canceled our policy via email... How crazy is that?! Also, in the email prior to that (that I sent her), I requested that we be covered as drivers. Her email here:

    "Per your request, your auto policy is cancelled as of 03/09/12. Renters policy only covers your personally contents, cannot covers you as a driver without vehicle. You need an auto policy to insure you as a driver without vehicle. Sorry, I cannot help you further because of your dissatisfication with the rate with Allstate in WA."

  12. Frgal Says:

    Also, the $90/mo Geico quote ended up being $154/mo once they ran a credit check. How unfortunate...

    We did end up switching to Geico, though.

    Now we need to sell this car! >.

  13. Frgal Says:

    *160/mo for Geico.

    Also, I think the coverage is not as good...

    Bodily Injury: $25k/50k
    Property: $25k
    Underinsured: $25k/50k
    Underinsured: $10k
    Medical: N/A
    Comprehensive: $1,000 ded
    Collision: $1,000 ded
    Roadside: accept

    Bodily Injury: $25k/50k
    Property: $25k
    Uninsured: $25k/50k
    Medical: $1,000 ded
    Roadside: $50 (covered)
    Collision: $1,000 ded
    Comprehensive: $1,000 ded

    Granted, the Allstate quote is with Renters Insurance discount and other discounts, but still...

    When we switch the car over to WA registration, we can drop some coverage, but it'll only save $10/mo. Need to get Renters thru Geico too...

    As you can see, though, we do not have Medical with Geico, whereas we did with Allstate.

    ARGH! So ready to sell this stupid car!

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