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Just received benefits package...

May 3rd, 2012 at 08:11 pm

...And am pretty upset. It is the 3rd, and they are only giving me until the 14th to submit my packet, whether or not I decide to enroll.

Problem is, I have absolutely no idea what any of the terms mean. HMO, PPO, per admission, per visit, etc. And I don't see any costs anywhere. And then I have to look at Life, Dental, Vision... I have no idea where to start and they expect me to send this in with less than two weeks of preparation.

I was planning on getting at least health once my wife knew she was getting a position as a nanny, but I doubt we will know that soon...

Screw me!

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  1. CB in the City Says:

    HMO = Health Maintenance Organization
    PPO = Preferred Provider Organization

    HMO's are usually cheaper but limit your choices about what doctors/facilities you can use. Everything you do has to be okayed by your primary physician.

    PPO's give you cheaper rates for their "preferred providers" -- the doctors who have signed up to participate in the program -- but you can go outside of the network if you want to.

    I switched to a PPO after a bad experience with an HMO.

    If they haven't provided costs, find their help number and call them! They should provide costs.

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