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Anniv. Trip, Work life, etc.

May 10th, 2013 at 05:29 am

My wife and I celebrated three years of marriage this past week. We spend one night and two days in a city that, just at the mention of it, our hearts flutter. It is smaller, friendlier, greener, foodier, etc. It has it all for us.

While on vacation there - without our kiddo in tow for the first time in over two years - it didn't feel like a vacation. It felt better. More real. Like just a weekend in the city. As if we lived there. We have had plans to move there, and to open our future business(es) there. Now, we are even more convinced.

When we returned, I found out that I would again be missing out on a promotion, because someone higher on our team hasn't gotten the position he had applied for (if he had, myself and another would have moved up). Oh well. I've spent over a year in this entry-level position, receiving near-minimal wages (pretty rock-bottom for this field), and unable to afford health, retirement or disability insurance. In fact, this year I will be making some $30/mo less on my base salary. With the FICA tax going back up, rent going up by 3% (I live in the company-owned building and receive a small discount), state minimum wage having gone up by $0.11 (thereby lowering the value of my dollar), and adding in my 3% raise, I'm coming out $30 behind. I suppose you shouldn't count the FICA tax, as that was a temporary thing anyway, but it counts in this instance.

I suppose this is pretty typical around the states.

Text is This article full of charts and Link is
This article full of charts puts it into context very well.

However, I should try to do better for myself and my family, yes?

What if I moved to another, much larger company? They seem to have decent reviews on (especially compared to others), and they have properties all up and down this coast. More room for possibilities? My company does not have any properties in the city or state that we desire to move to.

I don't know. I like the people I work with (most of them). It sure is a difficult decision! Maybe I shall apply for that company, and just see what happens?

5 Responses to “Anniv. Trip, Work life, etc. ”

  1. mamasita Says:

    I'm a firm believer in upward job changes. It is business, after all, and you have to look out for your own career. If you analyze the situation and determine that you can come out ahead in terms of salary/career advancement/cost of living/etc. I don't see why not.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    My goodness, it sounds like you went to Bellingham.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Definitely do your research as part of your application process. Is the cost of living higher...look at the grocery stores, the fuel's the small everyday things that add up. Good luck!!

  4. Frgal Says:

    @creditcardfree - That is one of the things we did while we were down there. Honestly, it was just like a weekend in the city, rather than a vacation. Was pretty awesome. We got coffee, went out to eat (not a single meal was more than $50 after the tip, and we had appetizers, drinks, entree, and dessert), etc. And for the ride home, we stopped at a Safeway to get snacks and drinks, and made sure to look at produce. We also filled up on gas at a Chevron across from Safeway.

    Of course, there is the fact that that state (OR) has income tax, whereas the one we currently reside in (WA) does not. However, we also have an almost 10% sales tax (over 10% in the city), except of food. The other state does not have sales tax. Hmm. Supposedly, owning a home is more expensive over there as well. Though, we don't plan on doing that for quite some time. Lots to think about!

  5. PNW Mom Says:

    Glad you enjoyed your trip to my neck of the woods! Smile

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